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Glee Filming photos - May 1st, 2014

Darren Criss and Lea Michele in the crowd between takes

*feel free to edit the photos as you like, as I didn’t have time. But please don’t be a douche, and please remember to link back. Thanks.

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I’ve been told not much info from the Darren Q&A is out? We weren’t allowed film, but the con did, I have no idea if it will go online. While I’m waiting for Darren I’ll try and write some about it?

So here’s my recount of the story with Lea and Chris mentioned, as I’ve seen a few versions about? It’s been hours since, but I think I get the gist and details across. And mostly I don’t think it’s easy to explain in tweets

One of the first things he said was it was great to see the Starkids, but also the Glee guys. He mentioned that Max was the first guy he met on set, and Max is one of his better friends. He then stopped himself about how people read so much into every single interaction that happens, and how Max being a good friend doesn’t mean that anyone else isn’t, they’re all good friends.

He was then saying they make a lot of jokes about that, like when they are on the golf cart things (brain has blanked on the word), and they see people who are on the tour looking at them, they make jokes about what people will think.

So his example was, if he and Chris are on the back of the cart, and Lea’s in the front, they’ll whisper things like “oh look, they don’t like Lea” or “yeah, it makes total sense they’d always sit like that.” Basically making fun of how strongly people latch into any interaction they see?

It was a really funny story, and it’s obvious the point was they’re all friends and we shouldn’t take a single picture we see to tell is all about their relationships.

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Amber, for sure. She’s a world-class singer. Just incredible.

I think Kevin McHale. He was on his way before Glee. He was in a boy band with Timbaland.

I mean, all of them—Darren Criss, it’s a no-brainer, right? And he made a record; it hasn’t come out, which is heart-breaking. And that’s the business; there’s nothing easy. And even if you’re Lea Michele or Darren Criss, it’s not easy.

And that’s why I say the work ethic is so important, and there is no entitlement in the entertainment industry. You’ve got to earn it. And you’ll learn that quickly.


Adam Anders, responding to the question, “Are there any other actors [in addition to Lea] on Glee that you think can achieve that success and have a solo career after this?”

AfterBuzz TV’s Chatting with Cathy

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"I know what I will be doing; I know what Darren will be doing; and I know what Chord will be doing, and Jane. [Ryan] has told us individually our stuff. I’m very close with Darren and Chord, they’re like my best friends. So we always go to eat, we go out together a lot for dinners. The other night we were at dinner and I was like ‘what do you know?’ We all shared our stuff and then we put all the pieces together and then we figured out what’s happening next year."

— Lea Michele on Glee Season 6 (x)

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"Darren, Kevin, and me all danced out." Lea Michele - Brunette Ambition (p. 195)

"Darren, Kevin, and me all danced out." Lea Michele - Brunette Ambition (p. 195)

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[click here] HQ from Michael Jackson’s photoshoot!

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The Bridges of Madison County


Darren leaving the after party

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[UHQ] FOX 2014 PROGRAMMING PRESENTATION: GLEE cast members Jane Lynch, Darren Criss, and Lea Michele celebrate during celebrate at the FOX ALL STAR PARTY at Wollman RInk in Central Park, New York on Monday, May 12 in New York.

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