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My framed photo series from The Young Storytellers’ Glee Big Show finally arrived!


Reunited and it feels so good.  Darren and Curt at YSF’s 3rd Annual Glee Big Show. Once a Warbler, Always a Warbler.    


Here are some of my photos from Young Storytellers Big Glee Event, you can find the rest here -

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My photos from the Young Storyteller Foundation Biggest Show. I got some good ones but I was pretty far away and couldn’t use flash. 

You can find 200 more over on my flickr account here:

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2.22.14 - YSF’s Glee Big Show
Culver City, CA

Basically I’m short and I didn’t want to be rude holding something up way above my head.

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Seriously my favorite part of the night #darrencriss #harryshumjr #curtmega #diannaagron #dotmariejones


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